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CG Premedia offers unmatched Prepress packaging services, Packaging services and Premedia Services. We are rewarded and highly respected amongst the Packaging Premedia Companies.

Traditional retailing has gone through a major change over the years. While consumers still depend on direct purchases from physical stores or e com, they are living more than half of their living years in the virtual world today. The world is fast becoming a place where a decision to purchase or reject a brand is taken in a split-second and unpredictable settings. This poses innumerable challenges to the marketer. While various brands jostle for space in that split-second mind space of the consumer, we are proud to share that CG Premedia has consistently helped its clients occupy that fleeting space and win the moment of purchase. A feat that makes us a partner of choice for some of the leading consumer brands in India and the world.

Our solutions deal with situations where the customer emphasis is given utmost importance. It is not about giving more but about being present everywhere at any given point in time. Whether in the marketplace, events, exhibitions, advertisements, or e-commerce, the brand’s interaction with consumers is an inseparable part of the consumer experience. And this is where we bring our expertise and technical know-how to create compelling packaging designs that are customized to the user accessing from different locations or devices.

We understand the heart of our customer’s business – BRAND!

A consumer relates to a brand basis his/her experience across multiple touch points – market place, events, exhibitions, advertisements or e-commerce. We take it as our responsibility, as a guardian of your brand, to deliver packaging that help convert these experiences of consumers into winning moments for our customers.

Our packaging solutions enable the brand to delight its customers at every touch point which leads the brand to winning the all important moment of purchase!

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What our customers say

  • Soumya Ghosh
    We started the work and really satisfy the working style. Their quick response and service really allure us the most as a big brand.
    Soumya Ghosh
    Emami Agro Tech
  • Manish Rathi
    It's being an exceptional experience with your services and professional customer support. Thank You.
    Manish Rathi
    Shrinath Roto Pack
  • Samri Udhane
    Their prepress team is really creative and understand the format of my requirement. I would highly recommend creative graphics to all big brands.
    Samri Udhane
    Kimberly - Clark Corporation
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